Treasure Hunting with Magnets

When it comes to Treasure Hunting with Magnets or also called Magnet Fishing, you want to find Treasures at the bottom of Lakes, Rivers or the Ocean.

Curious people have already found a bunch of interesting objects using a magnet tied to the end of a rope. Magnet fishing is not for an impatient Treasure Hunter.

Everyone who loves being near the water will definitely enjoy this outdoor activity! Above that, it is great for kids too. They will definitely love magnet fishing.

First Steps

With every Hobby comes some equipment you need to succeed. When it comes to magnets, you will most likely find Neodymium Magnets.

Those Supermagnets are extremely strong and can pull up to 1000 lbs. You do not necessarily need the strongest one on the market, therefore a 200 lbs Magnet is fine to start with. You should also have a look at the size. Mostly, it is better having a large magnet instead of a small one. Simply because of the larger surface and thus a higher probability of finding metal objects.

You can not search a whole river with a little magnet, so just make sure to don’t choose the smallest magnet.

Moreover, get yourself some work gloves. When pulling out the rope with the magnet attached, it is better to use gloves.

Another important point is to use a strong knot when connecting the magnet to the rope. Especially when you want to pull out heavy things, it is crucial to do a proper knot.

Therefore, use the Tautline Hitch Knot when starting. This is a well-known and frequently used knot.

In addition to a rope and a strong neodymium magnet, having a bucket with you is not a bad idea. You can keep your finds there.

The Main Thing – Supermagnet

As already mentioned, having the right magnet is crucial when Treasure Hunting with Magnets.

One of the strongest Magnets are Neodymium Magnets. In relation to their size, they have an incredible pull force. These magnets are also used in the auto and electrical industry. Some magnets are plastic coated for longevity. Make sure they have an integrated lug to attach a rope. If not so, you won’t be able to fasten the magnet properly.

As a beginner, you might struggle which magnet to buy and how strong it should be. Do not overthink! When it comes to pulling force, everything over 300 lbs is enough.

I personally recommend this Super Magnet Kit *

Length and Quality – Rope

When it comes to the rope, you should use high quality only. The best material is nylon paracord. Nylon is used in aviation as well as in sailing. It is quite durable and elastic. Depending on the location you want to Treasure Hunt with a Magnet, you should use a different length.

In case, you want to go Magnet Fishing in a river or a small lake, using a 50-70ft rope should be enough. However, if you want to magnet fish from bridges you will definitely need a longer rope. A proper rope should be about 100-150ft long.

Please make sure to dry your rope after using it. Moreover, check the rope for flaws after you have used it several times. Nothing worse than a lost magnet because of a broken rope.





Locations You Should Not Miss!

The location you search may decide whether you find something great or not. Look for frequently visited places like bridges or other urban places. Indeed, you can also search less visited areas. Especially old wells, drains or mills can be quite interesting.

Maybe a brilliant treasure has been laying there for a very long time.

Have a closer look at old towns. Many of those villages have big history and could therefore hide many awesome things. As always, get a permit before magnet fishing and try not to annoy anyone while enjoying your hobby.

As soon as the magnet touches the ground, do not pull to fast. By doing this, you risk to miss somethings and your magnet may lose contact to the ground. Just pull slowly and be patient.




What Can You Expect? – Treasure Hunting Finds

You can find a lot of different items when fishing with a magnet * . Many people have found guns, bullets, tools, road signs, precious metals and even bicycles! In case, you want to discover more hidden places, go and ask the elderly.

Oftentimes, they know so much about history and give you advice to find some interesting locations. Moreover, you can search in online in forums for advice. Most people love to share their knowledge or go in groups which is even more fun. Indeed, you can find money too. Maybe someone threw a box filled with gold or money in a river to hide it from someone. You never know…


Whenever you go fishing with magnets, consider the local laws. Even more importantly, do not bother animals or people while magnet fishing. Do not search in conservation areas where you could disturb animals threatened with extinction. When fishing from a bridge, be aware of ships and swimmers. A Supermagnet is quite heavy and might hit something.

However, you also have a positive impact on the environment when pulling out metal things from waters. You can use an extra bucket to put in all the trash you find to throw it away later on.

As already mentioned, neodymium magnets can pull up to 1000lbs. This means, be careful when handling with it. Do never put two magnets together. You might not only hurt your hand but your magnets will break too. Additionally, do not put your magnet on big metal surfaces, otherwise you may be not able to remove the magnet. Pay attention!


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  1. Good advice. I’m going to buy a 500lb mag from Amazon. Of course is I ever hocked up something that heavy I’d never be able to pull it up. Hope this is a good pulling size.

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