Metal Detecting on the Beach

Metal Detecting Beach – How to find Treasures on the Beach

Hanging out and Sunbathing on the Beach is one of the best things one can do! When it comes to Metal Detecting on the Beach, you can expect a lot. Obviously, people lose jewelry, money and other precious things on the beach.

The biggest advantages are definitely the digging conditions and the fabulous view while detecting. Digging in sand is usually no problem and a lot easier than digging a hole in the woods or on fields.

Therefore, you absolutely should head out to the next beach and start scanning several areas. In the following, I am going to give you the best tips regarding locations on the beach and what to have an eye on while Metal Detecting on the Beach

Bathing in Summer – Bonfires in Winter

In Summer, people tend to spend their time in or near the water. Therefore, you should scan areas near the water. Usually, even if you do not have an underwater metal detector, the lower part of your device is nearly almost waterproof.

Of course, do not forget searching the towel line. Mostly, the towel line is close to the water. If your aren’t sure where exactly to search, maybe have a quick look at the beach after lunch to find out where the towel line is.

In Winter, many people enjoy making a bonfire and a Picnic. This is perfect, because you can come to these places and scan near them to find everything which has been dropped! Certainly, you can scan areas near the water too. However, in winter, focusing on picnic and fireplaces should be the first priority.

The Ocean Comes and Goes

In general, there is high tide and low tide. At High Tide, the beach is covered by more water and therefore, the beach area gets smaller. In contrast to that, water draws back at Low Tide and the covered beach during High Tide gets visible again.

When you want to find treasures when Metal Detecting on the beach, you should go out and start scanning during Low Tide. Everything, which has been washed up at High Tide lies on the beach now and it is your chance to find awesome objects.


Metal Detecting on the Beach – Do’s and Dont’s


Firstly, the slower you swing your search coil, the better your detector works. To put it simply, signals can be picked up easier, especially in high depth. Therefore, do not rush. Otherwise, you may miss some interesting stuff.

Secondly, cleaning your detector after using it on the beach is recommendable. When it comes to salt water, it is better to give it a wash. In general, take care of your searching coil. With the time, your coil gets scratched and the searching accuracy can decrease tremendously.

Beach Metal Detecting Equipment

Moreover, get yourself a Pinpointer* and a Sand Scoop*. When dealing with jewelry or coins, a Pinpointer is quite useful. Oftentimes, bracelets, rings and other precious objects aren’t that big. Searching without a Pinpointer is possible, but it definitely takes you much longer to locate your finds. Maybe you have to start digging several times to find the treasure, so use a Pinpointer

Obviously, a Sand Scoop is made for Sand. When using a usual shovel, you always have to search twice. Digging with a Sand Scoop let’s sand through and everything else is immediately visible. In case, you do not want to buy one, go and do it yourself.

Be Prepared!

Whenever you now there’s a Beach Party somewhere, scan the area after it to find good things. People lose a lot while partying, jumping around and having fun!

Do a good deed! When Metal Detecting on a Beach, please take a separate bag with you, where you can put in all the trash you find during scanning the beach.

The same with your treasures, have a bag with you where you can keep and transport them safely. Nothing is worse than damaged treasures!

Last but not least, try to connect with like-minded people via Online Forums etc. Oftentimes, they discuss about good places to search and maybe you find someone you can metal detect with. Doing it together or even in a group is fun!


Please always get a permit before scanning areas on beaches. Oftentimes, people are more than happy giving you the right to metal detect a beach, because you will definitely find trash too and thus it helps to keep the beach clean.

Another important thing to consider is to not disturb sunbathing people on the Beach. Hearing “Beep-Beep-Beep” all the time can be quite disturbing when relaxing.

For this reason, just use headphones in case the beach is crowded. In many cases, proper headphones are already included when buying a Metal Detector.

Especially when Metal Detecting on the Beach, some finds can have emotional value for those who lost them. Maybe someone proposed to his dream partner and accidentally lost the ring. If you can spot an engraving, try to google the name or search Social Media.

Key Takeaways

Metal Detecting on the Beach is basically one of the best things to do when you want to find interesting objects.

In summer, people used to hang out near and in the water. Hence, focus on areas near the water and start scanning even a little bit in the water.

In wintertime, it is also bonfire time and people usually do not prefer spending time in the water, so it is better to scan areas apart from water. Barbecue and Picnic areas are examples for such locations.

Additionally, head out to the Beach at Low Tide. At this time, a bunch of awesome objects has been washed up because of High Tade. Literally, the Ocean brings you all the stuff, you just have to find the precious things!

Also, make sure to get yourself a Sand Scoop * and optionally a Pinpointer * to locate your finds easily.

Separate all the trash you find while detecting on the beach and throw it away afterwards. For the treasures you find, keep them in a bag where they can not be damaged. Some Jewelry you find may have an emotional value for someone else. As soon as you have found an object with an engraving, try to find the owner by searching the web.
















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12 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Beach – How to find Treasures on the Beach”

  1. Thank you for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed this post, and this is the second I have read on your page.  I have been metal detecting on the beach a few times, but only when there is not many people.  I have a question about that actually.  What are some good headphones for metal detectors?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jessie! I would recommend the MS-2 Headphones by Garrett. In general, Headphones by Garrett, Fisher or Minelab are usually quite good. 

      I also prefer metal detecting on the beach when there is not many people! 


  2. Extremely interesting article. I really had no idea as to how metal detectors could be used properly on the beach. Not only it helps in finding interesting metal objects but it also helps in keeping the beach clean. Also thanks for the advice to get a permit to use the detector on the beach. It would be safer for the person who is detecting. Overall, an extremely delightful article.

  3. This is quite interesting to me because I live in a town called Montego Bay in Jamaica, where tourists come and go in large numbers. I live right near the coast with miles and miles of beautiful white sands. As I read this article I immediately began to imagine how many buried treasures might be out there on the beach. I am glad to know of the tools pinpointer and sand scoop that would make the search easier. Your article gives some good suggestions such as getting permission to search and wearing headphones . Thank you for a new idea.

    1. Wow, Jamaica! I just had a quick look at some pictures of Montego Bay, looks wonderful! You should definitely search there, wish you all the best and good luck! 

  4. I’ve never done that before but sure sounds interesting. How much does a typical metal detector cost? I’m assuming that there are some better than others. Which brand would you actually recommend?

    It seems like a fun thing to do. Personally I enjoy going to the beach and this just sounds like another exciting reason to go. Hahaha. 

    I was thinking that it might be better to go when people have left the beach which would mouse likely be the evening or night time I would assume. It might be rather odd looking to be buzzing around people with the detector. That said when would you recommend going? Also how often would you go?

    I’m actually were interested to look into this further. It sounds like a fun idea and I could just imagine some if the fun things you’d discover. Thanks for sharing the tips. I’d love to hear your take and see what you’d recommend. 

    1. Thank you so much, San! A typical metal detector for beginners starts at around 200 Dollars. For a Starter, I would highly recommend the Garrett Ace 250. 

      As you have already mentioned, I would go by the evening or early at the morning. Depending where you live, I would go several times a week, especially in summer. People lose sooo many things on the Beach, it is incredible! The great thing about metal detecting is that you never know what to expect, so I can really recommend you buying one and start scanning the beach! Maybe you find a treasure! 

  5. Thank you for this. This is something I always wanted to do but for some reason I felt uncomfortable doing while there are people on the beach. I know it is really dumb, but for some reason I would feel really awkward doing it while people near me play beach volleyball.

    I think your post motivated me to finally go out and try out treasure hunting.

    Thank you.

  6. I have always been interested in metal detecting in general, but this tells me a lot about detecting on the beach. I wouldn’t have even thought about having a permit to do so which would have gotten me in trouble, I’m sure. Thanks for this informative post. I will definitely be bookmarking it for future reference. 🙂

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