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Metal Detecting Finds – Coins, War Relics or Jewelry?

Sometimes, sticking to a plan can be quite useful. When Metal Detecting, deciding what you want to search for can be advantageous too. Especially when you don’t want to start searching for useless things like old trash, specializing your preferred finds gives you structure.

Whether you want to go Metal Detecting for Gold Coins or for Civil War Relics, you always have to adjust the settings properly and keep some things in mind. By doing this, nothing can go wrong and it’s highly probable for you to find what you desire.

Metal Detecting for Coins – How to Prepare and Search like a Pro!

No matter whether you want to find money or old ancient coins, everything is possible with a Metal Detector. When metal detecting for coins, make a plan. Firstly, you should definitely take a little bag with you to keep the coins safe after finding them.

Nothing is worse than putting them in your pants pocket or something like this. When it comes to the question “Where to search for Coins?”, there are several places with great potential.

If your goal is to find ancient coins, you have to think differently than when searching for Money or Civil War Relics. When you focus on finding ancient Coins, the best case is to have and old map which shows you old commercial routes. Of course, many of us don’t have maps like this. No Problem!

Therefore, searching along sidewalks and paths in the forest can lead you to really nice things.

Many people use paths like this and maybe have always used them, even hundreds of years ago. Especially when you are in areas where you can spot information boards in the woods, which tell you that Romans have used this place long time ago, you can be sure it’s true and start searching this area thoroughly.


Ancient Coins

The same with old ancient monuments and old buildings, search around them and have fun digging. Above that, always have a closer look at eye-catching objects like boundary stones, huge trees and other interesting places which are quite easy to remember. Maybe someone has used this to bury something and to orientate perfectly even after a long time. When focusing on finding non ancient coins, you preferably should head out to the beach. People lose tons of things there and obviously coins too.

Make sure you have a sand scoop, so your shovel works like a sieve. Additionally, scan along sidewalks and pedestrian areas. Don’t forget to search in your local park and especially on fields after open-air festivals or other public events where many people have been involved.

How to Search and What to have an Eye on when Metal Detecting Coins

As soon as you have your first find at a new location, always make sure to scan again near the object. Oftentimes, especially when it comes to coins, there are many of them at the same place. Nearly every Metal Detector has a Target Identification or an integrated Pinpointer, which allows you to determine the coin in a better way.

Usually, a coin is quite small, so it is more efficient to locate it before you start digging for too long. Moreover, a Pinpointer can help you a lot. Generally speaking, a Pinpointer is a small device to pinpoint and determine the location of your finds in an easy and highly accurate way.

Ancient Coins

Always have a look what your detector says! Sometimes, the depth indicator estimates the object in a depth of around 10-15 inches. Think twice before digging, it must not always be a coin.

Sensitivity and Accuracy always decreases when you want to locate an object which is quite deep.

Above all, listen to the sound your detector makes when receiving a signal! Search thoroughly when receiving a sharp tone and think twice of starting to dig when you hear a deep tone. The sharper the tone is, the higher is the chance of Gold Coins, Silver Coins or any other precious metal.

Please be careful during digging to don’t destroy your object. When it comes to ancient coins, they are fragile and can be easily damaged. Imagine you find a unique ancient Roman Coin but break it because you weren’t careful enough when digging it out. Would be a pity, so be sensitive!

Civil War – Metal Detecting for Civil War Relics

In case, you love collecting Civil War Relics objects, you can look forward to finding lots of interesting things when Metal Detecting e.g for Civil War Relics. As always, when you know old battle fields or spot a huge field or a nice location in the woods, go and search it!

Mostly, it is quite easy to reach places like this and searching is easy. When searching for Civil War Relics, you can start digging whenever you get a signal.


Metal Detecting Civil War

In contrast to Jewelry, Civil War Relics stuff is nearly always out of iron or sometimes aluminum, so every signal might be a hit. When you focus on finding objects regarding Civil War or other wars, please search and dig carefully. In case, you find a dud, go away and call the police.

They handle it and people will remove it. Every time you go out Metal Detecting, you never know what to expect. No matter where you are, there can be dangerous stuff.

The Rich Treasure Hunter – Go for Jewelry

Metal Detecting for Jewelry is quite similar to Metal Detecting for Coins. Both Coins and Jewelry are often lost at crowded and frequently used places like paths, fireplaces, benches and campgrounds. As already mentioned, searching on a Beach has great potential.

Sometimes it just takes a second and you realize you have lost your bracelet or ring. It can be hard to find your jewelry in the sand.

Regarding settings, it is recommendable to use high sensitivity and filter out aluminum and iron. This is because you will find a huge amount of trash when not doing so! Some models have an integrated “Jewelry” category you can use if you want.

Therefore, you go for Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry and other valuable materials. Searching the lawn at an open air bath can be profitable as well as scanning a Volleyball Court or areas under bridges (maybe someone dropped anything from it). Go for it!

Before doing this, please make sure you have a permit or an owner has agreed on it. In general, you are responsible to have a look at the local laws before Metal Detecting. Each country has different laws regarding Treasure Hunting.


Gold Rings and Jewelry

Metal Detecting for Treasures is NO Rocket Science!

Summing it up, it is helpful to make a plan first. Locations and Settings are never the same, they always change depending on your preferred finds. When you want to metal detect Silver, Gold or other Precious Metals, avoid poor signals like iron or aluminum, use high sensitivity and in the best case a Pinpointer.

The sharper the tone is, the more likely it is to find a unique object. In contrast to this. Scan places like Beaches, Fields and Paths. Civil War Relics will primarily give you signals with a deep tone, leading you to objects mostly consisting out of iron.

Above this, always be careful when digging, no matter where you are, you never know what to expect. Also, make sure to know about the local laws concerning Treasure Hunting.

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