The Best Places for Metal Detecting – Where To Expect the Most!

As soon as you start metal detecting, it is crucial to know where you can expect the most and where it is rather unlikely to find something admirable and unique.

Oftentimes, as a beginner, people just go out and try their best finding their own little treasure. However, they are not pleased by their finds just because they have searched the wrong places. Let me change this!

In the following, I am going to give you my best tips regarding locations where to search and where to expect the most. Moreover, after reading this article, you should also know what to keep in mind when searching.

Waves, Sun and Fun – Metal Detecting on The Beach

Rings, necklaces, earrings, everything is possible when metal detecting on the beach. People hang out, sunbath, have fun and lose things. Sand makes digging so easy, and after some awesome finds you can jump into the water and enjoy life!

As always, there is a bunch of trash like old aluminum cans or lids which disturb the searching. If you want to clean up the whole beach, go for it! I would recommend adjusting the metal detectors search settings, to just go for the good things.

For example, you can go for gold or silver and filter out especially aluminum and other non-precious metals.

You should definitely get a sand scoop, a normal shovel is not ideal when searching and digging in sand.


Metal Detecting on the Beach

Deep in the Woods – Metal Detecting in the Woods

In any case, you should search in the woods. I love this place, because you never know what to expect. There can be great stuff like old coins or jewelry but also useless trash. Luckily, many Metal Detectors can filter out several metals, therefore, it is on you whether you want many finds which include a lot of trash or fewer with a change of finding something awesome.

Woods have always been used and moreover, many people used the forest to hide their silver, gold or in general precious objects.

Therefore, I highly recommend scanning eye-catching places, which could have been used to bury something long ago. Here are some examples:

    • Huge trees, which are exceptional and incomparable to other ones. Maybe someone has used this tree as an orientation to find his treasure again and buried objects many years ago
    • Above this, landmarks or boundary stones are great too. They also are super easy to remember and are often at the same place for decades
    • Be creative and think out of the box, every location in the woods you believe there could be a treasure, search it!




Go Rural! – Metal Detecting on Fields

Fields have great potential! Beyond that, the soil is usually quite lose and without big stones or roots like in the woods. This makes digging super simple! In the best case, you know a local farmer who allows you to metal detect his field.

In many cases, farmers are grateful, because it is you who frees the field from metal pieces which can damage farming machines. It’s a win – win situation.

When searching vast fields, use big searching coils and ideally a Pin Pointer to locate your finds, especially when finding small coins or jewelry, it helps a lot! Please always get a permit before start searching.


Metal Detecting on Fields

Your Backyard – Go and Search it!

Similar to woods, backyards can be worth a mint! Some people used to bury their coins etc. in their backyard, to hide and secure them. Over time, houses get taken down, a lot of digging and constructing happens and things change.

Therefore, you never know what to expect when scanning your backyard! So, start metal detecting and be curious!



Mysterious Shipwrecks – Metal Detecting Underwater



In case you are a lucky owner of an Underwater Metal Detector, you can dive near crowded beaches. Nearly everyone has already lost something while swimming.

That’s your chance! If you know a location with an Old Shipwreck, dive there and start searching around. If you have a boat, drive out and scan places where nobody is hanging out. Underwater Metal Detecting is rather for experienced treasure hunters, however, if you are interested, give it a try!


Metal Detecting in Creeks

Put on Your Gumboots – Metal Detecting in Creeks

Even if you don’t have a waterproof detector, the lower part of your detectors is nearly always waterproof, which means you can search in creeks too, as long as the water isn’t too deep.


Like searching on the beach, you should get yourself a sand scoop, so that small stones, mud and water can get through. Searching in a stream is not always easy, especially in cloudy water, but it is a challenge with a lot of fun and a chance of interesting finds.

The Party is Over? – Go Metal Detecting!

Obviously, a Festival attracts thousands of people who want to have a lot of fun. Therefore, many people lose things. As soon as you know that there’s a big festival incoming, go and scan the field after the party!

Indeed, a Park is crowded too, particularly in summer. Thus, searching there can be profitable. Search around fireplaces and benches, because people always drop something.

Especially for Beginners, I recommend the Garrett ACE 250 * Metal Detector!


Things to always keep in Mind when you start Metal Detecting

Actually, every location can veil extremely interesting objects. In my opinion, it is crucial to adjust the settings properly. This means, when you want to find jewelry, discriminate aluminum. No precious ring or coin will consist out of this. When you have just started Metal Detecting, you have to understand one thing:

Sometimes it is way better to adjust your detector properly and have an interesting find every half an hour, than to just go “all in”, search for everything which is out of metal and have a signal every minute. You waste your time by digging for trash.

Of course, as a beginner, it can be really helpful to search for everything to get an understanding and feeling of how your detector works and how it feels like to dig for 20 minutes just to realize you found an aluminum lid. As you start gaining more experience, you will realize how crucial it is to be patient.

And in case you have just started Metal detecting, but you haven’t found anything special, do not give up.

I know several people who had around thirty different signals, and only about one or two were correlated with really nice stuff! So try again and again, eventually you will find a little treasure. If you have friends who are also interested in metal detecting, go together, its way more fun to do it in a small group and it’s highly probable to find more interesting objects.

To put in a nutshell, Beaches, Fields, Woods, Backyards, Parks or Festivals and also Rivers and Creeks are top locations for Metal Detecting. To avoid finding too much trash, have a look at your detectors settings, and filter out what you don’t want. It makes detecting more fun and easier, because than you focus on the most interesting objects, instead of scanning randomly without any plan.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Places for Metal Detecting – Where To Expect the Most!”

  1. This is a great post! I have never actually used my metal detector in the forest before! I will try that and see if I can find anything because there is plenty of it around here in Kentucky! Thank you!

  2. I’ve always thought about giving metal detecting and panning for gold a try. I found your post & I now have a foundation on where to look as well as how to set the metal detector so I have a better possibility of finding some valuable items.
    As a beginner, what type/brand of metal detector would you recommend purchasing?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bob! I would highly recommend the Garrett Ace 250. In my opinion, it is an awesome metal detector for beginners. Above that, you will get it for around 200 Dollars…
      Panning for Gold is quite interesting too. I will definitely add some articles about Panning for Gold in future.


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